Parent & Student Resource Links

We highly value the partnership between students, parents, and the school. The most effective way to enhance a child's education is for both teachers and parents to work in concert to help our children. In an effort to better facilitate that process, our teachers have provided the resource links below for our students and parents. Unfortunately, there is no one website that encompasses strategies for every single standard being taught to the students when following the Georgia curriculum. Additionally, if students are struggling in a particular area or subject, this list is not intended to replace the individual assistance we ask our teachers to provide. High levels of communication between the teacher, student, and parent are still the most effective way to help students. Nonetheless, we hope the information below will help. 

If you want to review the Georgia Standards being taught in the core content areas, please click below:

To review the teacher suggested websites, click on the applicable school below:

Parent Information & Links

Here you will find a number of links and forms that contain important information for the parents of our students. Please let us know if there is any information that you are unable to find here.

General Information


Section 504 Guidelines

Federal Programs Information

Response To Intervention