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Our System Strategic Planning Committee meets during the year to discuss and modify our ongoing strategic planning initiatives. The committee is comprised of parents, business representatives, classified staff, teachers, and administrators. For a copy of our strategic plan, please click here.

"Bremen City Schools…..Excellence In All We Do"

Strategic Planning Committee

Operations Goals
Shannon Christian, Team Leader
Melanie McDaniel
Linell Schultz
Brittany Camp
Allen Pullen
Brian Wheeler
Russell Cooper
Jessica Peaden
Billy Pollard

Scott Hodges

Whitt Brown

Academic Goals

Zoe Evans, Team Leader

Melinda Nappi

Jennifer George

Brian Evans

Silas Brown

Tim Huff

Jennifer McGukin

Ashley McGill

Katherine Murray

Shanda Augustin

Diane Richardson

Brian Toole

Wendy Cullison

Public Relations/Communication Goals

Bill Garrett, Team Leader

Christy Denney

Kelli Musick

Melanie Coggins

Brooke Redding

Peter Augustin

Susan Greer

Christy McBride

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