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NOTE: The process below details information for applying to Bremen City Schools as a non-resident student. However, students applying as Pre-K or Kindergarten non-resident students the year prior to possibly starting will need to follow the application process, which occurs each March. 


Bremen City Schools accepts non-resident applications throughout the year. However, if applying for the next school year, it is best to submit the application as soon as possible. Although early submission of an application doesn't guarantee admittance, it does give the school Principal ample time to review the application and student records and complete applicable testing, as well as place the student on a waiting list.


Generally speaking, final decisions regarding non-resident student admittance for a new school year occur a couple of weeks before the start of the new year. Bremen resident students, by law, have to be admitted, so the Principals must ensure that there is enough space for resident students before fully committing to admitting new non-resident students.
If a student is not admitted due to space limitations for a new school year, the Principal of each school keeps an ongoing waiting list. If space becomes available during the year, Principals review the waiting lists and admit them accordingly.
Please follow the steps below when applying:
1. Review the Non-Resident Contract Before Applying.
2. Complete the Non-Resident Application and Submit it to the Applicable Principal Listed Below: Non-Resident Application Packet
3. If applicable, submit student records from two previous school years based on grade level. These records must include grades, attendance, and discipline. If there is no discipline record for the student, please submit a statement from the previous school to that effect.
4. Consideration for Admittance Only Occurs After the Application File is Complete, and Parents May Check with School Registrars to Ensure the Application on File is Complete
NOTE: Each March, Pre-K, and Kindergarten registration for the following year occurs. Steps 1 through 3 above can be done during this time. Pre-K applications are only accepted during the March registration date and thereafter for the following year.


Jones Elementary School (Pre-K - 3rd)
Silas Brown, Principal
Melissa Steffey, Registrar


Bremen Academy (4th - 5th)
Brian Evans, Principal
Courtney Denney, Registrar


Bremen Middle School (6th - 8th)
Brian Evans, Principal
Courtney Denney, Registrar


Bremen High School (9th - 12th)
Tim Huff, Principal
Jackie Parks, Registrar



Non-Resident Application Packet

Non-Resident Policy

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