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Bremen City Schools Facilities & Maintenance


Summer Maintenance Procedures

  • School principals should submit summer maintenance requests during the budget development process in February/March of each year.

  • Each June at the annual board retreat, based on a recommendation from the Director of Facilities and Superintendent, the board of education approves the annual budget, which includes funds to address summer maintenance needs.

  • The Director of Facilities oversees and manages all summer maintenance and the revenue allocated.

  • Upon approval of the Superintendent, the Director of Facilities may employ temporary summer help at minimum wage.

Facilities Planning

  • The Director of Facilities, in coordination with the Superintendent, will develop a short-range and long-range facility plan to prepare for student growth and facility needs.

  • The Superintendent, Director of Facilities, and the school Principals will work collectively to project student growth needs on a continual basis and plan assignments of personnel based on these needs.

  • The Superintendent, Director of Facilities, and Director of Finance will work collectively to monitor SPLOST revenue availability to meet identified needs in the facility plan.

  • Before the conclusion of the Haralson and Carroll SPLOST cycles, the Superintendent will be responsible for all preparations and presentations prior to a community referendum to approve another cycle of SPLOST collections.

  • All new construction will be monitored by the Director of Facilities, and he will keep the Superintendent periodically informed of the progress being made. The Superintendent will keep the Bremen Board of Education informed as necessary as to the construction of the facility as well as to the current status of revenue and expenditures related to the project.

Grounds Maintenance

  • The Director of Facilities will oversee all landscaping needs of the school system’s grounds. He will work with relevant personnel to make sure the contractor selected to keep the grounds is adhering to the terms of his contract. Any changes to the contractor selected will be discussed between the Superintendent and Director of Facilities, and a recommendation will be made to the Bremen Board of Education.

Contracts and Bids

  • Any construction-related contracts meeting or exceeding $100,000 will not be issued without first issuing a detailed RFP (request for proposal). RFP’s will be written collectively by the Director of Facilities and Superintendent, and no contract will be awarded without the public approval of the Bremen Board of Education.

  • All RFP’s will be posted on the school system’s website at and will run for an appropriate time as applicable to all state and federal laws and guidelines.

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